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Security from a professional should be seldom seen but always present.  This is accomplished with in-depth advanced planning that assesses risk based analysis of itinerary, while remaining adaptable. 

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Larry Rickert


Owner of

Jimkryshak Jewelers - WI

"We had the Platinum level physical security assessment on our store. I’ll be honest, this is something that I never thought we needed but I am so happy that we did it! Simple everyday reminders to tighten things up - to implementing new policy and procedures.

I highly recommend his services. In this day and age we can never be to cautious."

John Carter - AGS President

Owner of 

Jack Lewis Jewelers -IL 

 "We had the platinum level physical security assessment of my store conducted over a number of days. We found a few gaps in our systems that needed covering as well as some industry insights that we hadn't thought of. Overall it helped us to not only fill gaps but as a reminder to do some of the things we know we should be doing but sometimes though day to day operations we just sometimes slack on. We found this visit to be a REALLY valuable exercise and would highly recommend !"

Kimberly Gordon 

Owner of

Dream Jewelers -  WI

"Fellow jewelers and manufacturers, if you want to make sure you are secure and/or think you may be letting security slide a bit, I highly recommend chatting with this guy. He is so helpful and comprehensive. If you're considering it...just do it. You won’t be disappointed."



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